Saturday, February 18, 2012

Your Eyes

Your eyes wash over me, asking
'Why aren't you with me?'
I shrug and look away, but you,
Your eyes continue to sigh at me
And all I can do is stare back
My eyes unfocused,
My mind distracted,
My feelings in turmoil.
Your eyes cry dry tears
As you watch me try
To delete myself:
To forget what I've done,
To forget what I've asked for,
To forget what I've thought.
Your eyes cry to me,
'What have I done?'
My eyes are blank,
Lying to you as you beg me
To relent my silence.
Your eyes,
Your beautiful eyes,
Close in exhaustion,
Momentarily defeated;
Your eyes open sadly
And begin to plead with me
Once again.

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