Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Part of A Rainbow

Oh, the Rainbows,
"My head is all silent 'till you come and scream in it,"

The colours, the colours,
Burning into my eyes,
Engraved deep in my mind,
The combinations of the spectrum
So deeply inspiring
That it has finally become
Part of me.

I am a Rainbow. I am Rainbow.
Deny me not.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Your Paper

The leaves tumble down the path.
Whoosh, whoosh, they whisper.

The raindrops drip from the puffy clouds.
Drip, drip, they murmur.

The acorns fall from water-laden trees.
Plick, plock, they giggle.

The paper crumples as your fist tightens around it.
Crinkle, crackle, it groans.

The paper bounces down the path.
Tchak, tchak,
Now you're free.

Monday, February 20, 2012


In my mind
I am dead
Spreading the disease
To the Dying Life
Where are we going?
Will it ever stop?
Thoughts swirl around in my head
Where are we going?
Reaching out
To you,
Will you come if I call?
Can you stay
While I always run away?
I'll always be running
Running away from you
Can you be happy with that?
Don't die
T'would be a shame because
I think I'll always
Be coming back to you.
When I leave, you'll know.
But 'till then,
I'll always come back to you.

[May 18th, 2011]

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Won't you come be with me?'
There is noise, noise, noise
'You're not with me, you're with yourself.'
This is what I need to do.
'Please...I need you...'
I need you too.
'I feel so lonely...'
Please, please leave me alone...

Please, please take me

To a silent, calm place.
Please, please just hold me,
I'm trying not to break.
Please, please, I need you,
To just love me, right now
Just for a while, just until
I can find myself again.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Your Eyes

Your eyes wash over me, asking
'Why aren't you with me?'
I shrug and look away, but you,
Your eyes continue to sigh at me
And all I can do is stare back
My eyes unfocused,
My mind distracted,
My feelings in turmoil.
Your eyes cry dry tears
As you watch me try
To delete myself:
To forget what I've done,
To forget what I've asked for,
To forget what I've thought.
Your eyes cry to me,
'What have I done?'
My eyes are blank,
Lying to you as you beg me
To relent my silence.
Your eyes,
Your beautiful eyes,
Close in exhaustion,
Momentarily defeated;
Your eyes open sadly
And begin to plead with me
Once again.

Friday, February 17, 2012


That you'll realize your dreams
For the person, object, belief
To attempt for your desires
And let your dreams decide.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


From everything we want

And everything we have

We all fall apart

Our legs collapsing beneath us

Our arms failing to catch us

We all fall down

Our eyes falling out

Our fingers falling off

We all die.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Fly For You

I fly for you.
Up through the skies I soar, weightless as the wind whispering through willow trees that cry trembling green tears. I feel as if there must be a limit, and yet I rise ever upwards, on a delightful draft of soft, warm air that you send as your love to me. I look down below and see your hair rustling like the willows, and it brings me back down again. Your love, rising up towards me, tempts me to soar high within the clouds, but your eyes pull me ever closer to you. Your deep green eyes with their circles of gold, so full of wonder as you watch me spin about in the breeze, draw me into your arms again. Our love is so warm, though, our hearts beating together in an emotional tempo that pulls us ever closer to each other, that when a breath of hot air begins to draw me away I clutch my arms around you and lift you up. Your feet leave the ground with mine and we fly, fly for each other, fly together, fly for love and desire and wonder. I bring you with me on this wondrous path of airways and trees, and this time I do not need to return to the ground to show you my devotion. My love for you lifts you up to the clouds, just as yours carries me beside you.
For always, together, forever, my love.