Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We keep climbing these stairs, going up, up, up.
But going up does not mean we are going anywhere.
We keep climbing because where else is there to go?
These stairs go on forever, and we keep climbing.
Climbing up, up, up, higher and higher.
What's at the top?
We never reach the top of
These infinite stairs.

So what would happen if we decided to go down?
This spiral staircase, crawling up into the ends of the universe,
If there is nowhere else to go, we must make somewhere to go.
What happens when we turn around?
What happens if we fight against the
Crushing wave coming up the stairs?
Why, then we might be going somewhere.

Do we have to keep climbing?
To work to keep up with the others climbing these stairs.
We are not falling down these stairs.
We are not falling behind.
But we have found another way out.
Perhaps a more difficult way than going with the rest,
But we always have more than one way off of these stairs.

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